Tuesday, November 6, 2012

American Duchess Giveaway and 1920s Fashion

A blogger I habitually follow, American Duchess, is having a Giveaway in honor of her new 1920's shoes, 23Skiddo. To check out the rules of the giveaway, preorder the shoes, or just ogle at her awesome store, go here.

The shoes are dyeable and come in full white, or white and brown.

In honor of these awesome shoes, I found a few pictures of dresses that could be worn with them! So now I'm totally crushing on the 1920s era fashion....(in addition to all my other historical fashion crushes)
1920s Hosiery advertisement
1918 Beaded Lace Dress
1920's evening gown

1920's "flappers"

Barbara Stanwyck as a Ziegfeld girl (c. 1924)

1920's Reproduction Gold Beaded "Sheba" Flapper Dress

September 1920 advertisement

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